In Difficult Times

Incorporated in 2020 on the heels of the global pandemic, iPO (Invest in Private Offerings Group) was conceived in the years prior as the innovation vehicle for next generation private markets investing. iPO’s concept captures prevailing sentiment about the failure of heavy institutional markets and antiquated securities laws to correct economic woes. Once the pandemic hit with its impact on the economy, iPO no longer seemed only relevant, but an urgent need.

Mobilizing a Concept

So, Tom McCloskey, who came up with the idea for iPO began engaging a few seasoned colleagues and investors with complementary resources and the right experience, and by the end of 2020, solidified a 5-partner team to found iPO. Each partner adds to the foundation of our business with backgrounds in real estate development and transactions, corporate banking, and private equity. Over the course of just a few months, iPO went from a long held idea to a papered entity with deal pipeline focusing on 3 main areas: real estate, corporate lending, and technology placements.

  • Real Estate: Equity Placement, Lending and Transactional
  • Corporate Lending: Short-term Accounts Payable Materials, Goods, Commodities, Inventory
  • Technology: Private Placement in Biotech, FinTech, Greentech & Proptech Opportunities

An Idea

five bulb lights

iPO started as an idea for tomorrow, but when circumstances required, it showed its relevance today, by diving into a disruptive market headfirst. Our comfort sitting at the convergence of reality and possibility, and the old and new is in our DNA.

In every deal we place on our platform, we strive to demonstrate our belief in the power of transformative thinking, innovative strategies and leading-edge solutions and in the ability of capital to work for the benefit of all.

Looking Ahead

While we remain committed to using our experience and expertise across various asset classes and industries to find the best solutions for clients and investors, we equally commit to the future generation of investing by enabling broader access through FinTech application.